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HSIE - Australian History

Iconic Productions Interactive Educational Shows on Humanities and Social Sciences previously known as (HSIE - human society and its environment) are specifically designed to meet and satisfy all the necessary curriculum outcomes for schools, teachers and students. The interactive educational resources, performances, events and shows have been written and created by qualified and experienced primary and high-school teachers who are familiar with the Australian National Curriculum and the Learning areas of Humanities and Social Sciences.  The shows, which can be either an

  1. in-school experience (aka an incursion), done in the comfort and safety of your own school; or
  2. can be an out of school experience (aka an excursion), where students and the school come to a designated location.

have age approriate and suitable content that supports the educational indicators and syllabus requirements for all schools and teachers in every state of the country your school is in.  In our Educational Interactive resources, performances and events, our humanities and social sciences based resources, educational shows and performances are mainly based on the the study of human behaviour and people's interaction in social, cultural, environmental, economic and political structures.   Our educational resources provide a great real-time and interactive experience for studetns and school in the humanities and social sciences subjects and learning outcomes predominately focus on historical and contemporary facts and event from from personal to global contexts.  Scenes are including that touch on the learning areas of geography, citizenship and civics.  

Whether your students are consolidating learning in the area of Humanities and Social Sciences, you need to stimluate their interest or encourage further learning area, this is the place to be.  Through our interactive educational resources, events and performance we guarantee that our resources, events and performances will most definitely create an experience for your students that will, encourage, assist, help and stimulate their ability and appropach to question, think critically, solve problems, communicate effectively, make decisions and adapt to change.

With the added experience of highly-qualified script-writers, stage production staff and actors, our educational school based resources, performances and events also offer a very entertaining staged theatrical event that engages, stimulates and enhances the students experience.  Each show is specifically formulated for small or large group of student involvement and participation. To add to the realness of our Interactive Educational School Shows resources and performances, authentic props, costumes and equipment is used to make it a REAL experience. Our interactive educational shows bring to life, right in front of the student's eyes the lessons learnt in the classroom.

Based on the huge student participation and involvement, the most accurate and up-to-date educational content, the age appropriateness of our shows and the interactive entertaining aspect of all our productions for schools, Iconic Productions are proud to have won the Frater Award for Excellence from the NSW Department of Education, 3 years in a row.

PLEASE select the educational resource, event, show or performance below that you are interested in.

Written and based on State and National Curriculums and outcomes, our Educational School Incursions, Excursions, Shows, Performances, and Events for Primary Schools are a great resource for teachers, schools and students.  With accurate and authentic information provided by our team of entertainers and actors, our School Incursions, Excursions, Shows, Performances, and Events are a valueable resource in planning, and assisting the learning outcomes of students in the areas of ...

  • Australian History
  • British Colonisation
  • Australian Convicts
  • Captain James Cook and the First Fleet
  • The Story of the Australian Flag
  • The life and conditions of Convicts
  • Hyde Park Barracks
  • The Black Velvet Band
  • Colonial Exploration
  • GOLD Discovery in Australia
  • Australia's Gold Rush Period
  • The Eureka Stockade
  • The Effects of the Discovery of Gold
  • Australia's Gold Miners
  • Alluvial and Reef Gold found in Australia and their locations
  • The Californian Rocking Cradle and Edward Hargrave
  • Natural and Built Environments
  • Australian Democracy
  • Influences on Australian Identity and Heritage

And this is just to name a few of the opportunities and learning possibilities and experiences our School Incursions, Excursions, Shows, Performances, and Events for primary schools offer.

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