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To our valued theatre community,

It has now been over seven weeks since we closed our theatre doors for all our Events, Performances and Theatre in Education Shows to you as we joined in the effort to stay safe and slow the spread of COVID-19. Whilst it was a devastating decision, we know it was the right one as we all work together to protect each other. Thank you for your patience as we work through our temporary closure and its effect on our upcoming shows. The response of all our customers, new and existing has been overwhelmingly understanding and positive. Thank you.

These are unprecedented times for all of us, and having 38 dark theatres is not what we had planned for you in 2020. Our purpose is to operate thriving, nationally renowned, first-class shows, events and performances that present the best commercial theatrical product from around the world to the widest possible Australian audience. Nothing brings our team greater joy than having our events bustling with excitement, laughter and applause.

For now, whilst our events and stages may be empty, we are not resting. Instead, our team is using the time to re-think how we can best serve you, our theatregoing and theatre in the education community. We are seeking ways to bring the wonderful shows we were planning back to you once more. We are implementing new processes, reviewing operations and spending time meticulously cleaning and upgrading of all our shows we produce and manage so that they are sparkling and ready for your return.

We are also looking for ways that we can support the people in our industry who work with us and alongside us in the arts and entertainment industry. The producers, management teams, performers, musicians, ushers, front of house and event staff and crew who are the heartbeat of our business and who are now unable to work for the foreseeable future. We are working with key stakeholders to find ways to bring employment back to the performing arts sector as soon as possible.

So when this passes, and we can again gather together at our shows and event, we need you, our theatre-loving audience, to support the artists and all the related crew and staf. To come back and visit our shows and event, and to re-awaken the performing arts industry in Australia so that it can return as a thriving part of our society. We know that day will come, and when it does, we look forward to welcoming you back to Iconic Productions and Iconic Performances Pty Limited.

Until then, we will continue to keep you updated on our operations and provide other content to you where we can.

Please stay safe and well until we see you again.


FAQ: What will happen to booked shows or New Show/Events wanting to book:

The Corona Virus continues to take the world by storm. We have had so many of our valuable customers contact us about their booked event and right now we are experiencing a huge delay in replying to all customers in a timely manner.  Iconic Productions has always been proud to support remote working, but with so many of our staff stood down, we have limited workers who are working from home who have adequate internet resources to answers calls.  Our commitment to empowering and connecting remote workforces is even stronger than before, however, the limited resources from Telstra means our workers who are remotely working do not have access to phone systems.  Therefore we do ask for the meantime that all communication is via email correspondence. To contact our staff please use our Contact Us Form page found at

The positive news of restrictions possibly being eased over the next few weeks is very welcoming, however, Iconic Productions faces three major hurdles.  We are working with and discussing all options with the relevant government and health experts to find a way to provide you with your event.

  1. Iconic Productions is a film and theatre company and not an educational company and therefore our business industry is not part of the essential workplaces to be operating.
  2. As we are a film and theatre company we are not allowed to have events indoors that exceed 10 or events outdoors that exceed 500.
  3. Iconic Productions main office is in Sydney and all our event sets and props are located in Sydney.  Due to the borders being closed our events are determined as non-essential travel to cross state borderlines.

We continue to have regular meetings with many different industry experts and with government officials to find a solution out of this.

All Iconic Productions and Iconic Performances events, theatre shows and performances until 31 of July, 2020 have been POSTPONED. Further events, shows and performances may be suspended after these dates.  With the cost of travel, touring, staff meals, travel allowances and accommodation costs that the company has already paid it has been financially challenging for us.  We are strong and are confident we will come out of this as survivors with the rest of Australians.

The entire global community including business, families, in fact, everyone in Australia are affected by the coronavirus.  We are following similar steps that many other businesses are taking to ensure, in relation to credit vouchers for the sustainability of the business and industry.

The Iconic brand has been an important part of the lives of so many customers, national and international visitors – for nearly 20 years, and we know our shows and events provide refuge during times of stress for many. However, for the health and safety of our customers, staff and the broader community, and to comply with social distancing measures, mandated by government and health authorities across the respective countries where Iconic has an office, to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, the Board of Directors and Executive Management Team have made the difficult decision to indefinitely close all offices effective within the next 4 hours. The impact of this decision means all our departments include the event management departments in all Iconic offices have now been *closed* indefinitely. Only Department Supervisors are available for limited hours per day to receive and manage your enquiries. Major delays will occur and we apologize in advance. 



  • At this time we have suspended on all booked events until further notice.  This stop hold means all our customers who have already paid for their event will have their show date rescheduled to a later date (when all this comes to an end) and will be transferred FREE OF CHARGE to the next available date FREE OF CHARGE. 

  • For customers who have not yet paid, we are providing you with a 90-day payment extension FREE OF CHARGE and this will be reconsidered at the end of 90 day period.

  • For all our customers, if we are not able to find a suitable event date to re-schedule your show, event or performance or you do not wish to reschedule your date once the restrictions are removed, we will provide you with a 12 Month Credit FREE OF CHARGE (where you have already made the payment).

  • For those customers who have not paid for their event date yet, and who do not wish to reschedule the event when this all ends, we do understand, however, we ask you to support all businesses, including Iconic Productions and try to work with us in rescheduling your event date.

  • For the sustainability of Iconic Productions, if you have made a payment for your event booking we do appreciate the payment. In the same decision for the sustainability of Iconic Productions cancellations at this stage will be required to be paid for in full as per the company terms and conditions.  However, DO NOT WORRY. To avoid this you do not need to cancel your event, whether it is already paid or has not been paid yet, as the company has made the decision to offer all our customers, including you, the Payment Extensions FREE OF CHARGE if your account has not been paid and will provide a 12-month credit if the situation continues for a longer than anticipated period if full or partial payment has been received.

  • Please do not turn up to our events if you have purchased tickets to our excursion based events, shows or performances.  If your event, show or performance booked is a school incursion, please be aware that your event will be temporarily put on hold and postponed to another date and time throughout the year.  We will maintain contact with you on a regular basis and find a suitable available date to postpone your event.

The company has decided to monitor the outbreak and the rules and regulations put out by the government officials on a week to week basis.  Please be supportive of our staff during these challenging times as our team are inundated with rescheduling and planning of the year's tours and shows.

As the impact of the new COVID-19 is being felt around the whole world we remind everyone that it is important to take sensible steps to look after yourself, your family, the vulnerable and your community.

  • Keep an eye out for updates from reliable sources from your local, state and Federal Government.
  • If you develop a fever, cough, sore throat or shortness of breath within 14 days of overseas travel or are in contact with someone else who has Coronavirus, seek medical attention: call your health professional, or in an emergency, your local hospital emergency department.
  • Protect yourself and others:
    • clean your hands regularly,
    • cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue.
    • follow the government's advice on social distancing and social isolation.

On behalf of all staff of Iconic Productions and Iconic Performances.

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