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 Are you looking for a Laser Light Show at your next event? 

Well look no further because here at Iconic Productions we have you covered with the perfect Laser Systems whether you need Laser Projectors for Corporate Events, Video, Professional Sports, Club Lasers, Festival Lasers, Concert Lasers, Party Lasers, or Tours we have the perfect Laser Rental for YOU! We have all sorts of Laser Light Show Equipment that can produce even the most complex Laser Effects.

 Laser Light Shows and Live Interactive Shows is our specialty producing over 3,000
Laser Light Shows a year across the worldwide. 

Our Laser Light shows are perfect for Concerts, Corporate Events, Sporting Events, Night Clubs, Bars, Festivals, Laser Billboards, School Rallies, Weddings, Bar Mitzvah, Homecomings, Proms, 4th of July Events, Private Parties & more. 

With a selection of choices to suit your budget and requirements if you need to
make your event more exciting, than you have come to the right place.

Book an event laser light show today and turn your normal event into the party of the year!  Iconic Productions offers our Laser Light Show for any type of event including event and entertainment laser shows, concert laser shows, festival laser shows, and club laser shows. Our laser lighting events are highly acclaimed and we pride ourselves in being the best in the business.  Our Laser Light Show has been performed and watched by small groups of as few as 20 people and as many as 20,000.

 The laser show that you are about to book is sure to impress your audience,
patrons and/or guests because who doesn’t like laser beams 

Our trained professionals have years of experience at entand ertainment providing stage shows and operating high power lasers / Laser equipment. Our laser lighting is safe for everyone, and we have many different types of lasers. Red lasers, green lasers, blue lasers; we have them all! Our full color lasers are emitted from the finest laser equipment for the best laser works. We offer everything including 6 Watt Lasers, 10 Watt Lasers, 30 Watt Lasers, and the powerful 50 Watt Laser to project our RBG lasers.

Based in Australia, London and the United States of America we are a worldwide company that will do any show, will entertainment anywhere, at any time. We even do international events, including being involved in Vivid Australia laser light shows.  

 Our light shows and Iconic's entertainment light shows have dazzled crowds for year.  

We are known for our live interactive shows and our concert lasers, festival laser shows have seen across the world. In fact, we have gained notoriety for our spectacular laser event light shows, convention laser light shows, and college laser shows throughout the country.  

 Our live interactive laser light show will blow you away, so make sure
Iconic Productions is performing at your next event. 

No event is too big or too small for our crew and laser light shows. Whether you want a private party laser show or a big event laser show, our RGB full color lasers will take your event to the next level.  Laser lights can be a part of any event and our laser projectors can be featured at corporate event laser shows, homecoming laser shows, wedding laser shows, school rally laser shows, and promotional laser shows. Don’t think we don’t work on holidays too! We operate 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and are available on every event, every day, rain hail or shine.  Our Laser Lights shows operate on Christmas Day, Australia Day, Halloween, St. Patty’s Day laser shows, Memorial Day laser shows, Special Events and any other holiday that you can think of.

Along with Laser Light Shows we also provide Co2 machines, Video Mapping, and Confetti machines for any event.

We pride ourselves in our work ethic, creativity, and professionalism and guarantee an experience like never seen before.

Other Details
:The event is available in
Worldwide in all cities, countries and rural areas (dependent on availability)
:Suitable for
Ages 3 +
:Show Commences
Varies and is based on event booking schedule
:Show Duration
Normally 15-20 minutes but can vary depending on requirements
:We provide
all equipment, props and costumes (excluding staging). Staging is at an additional cost.
:Minimum Stage Area required
approx 4m wide by 2-3 m deep.
we are able to amend show times to suit your timetable needs, however the show start time cannot be changed.
:Minimum Setup & Set Down Time required
Varies depending on event requirement but can be from 5 - 12 hours.
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  •   6 .  
          Posted on 23/10/2018 by Sonja H , Central Coast Grammar School , Erina Heights , NSW , Australia

    General Feedback
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  •   7 .  
          Posted on 12/09/2018 by Michelle R , Matthew Pearce Public School , Baulkham Hills , NSW , Australia

    General Feedback
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  •   8 .  
          Posted on 14/06/2018 by Barnes Tony , St Joan of Arc , Brighton , VIC , Australia

    Management Reply to Review Hi Tony, As the event supervisor I am happy to hear that the show and the quality and professionalism of the show. We always try to maintain a high standard of our shows as a large production... Read More

    Management Reply to Review Hi Tony, As the event supervisor I am happy to hear that the show and the quality and professionalism of the show. We always try to maintain a high standard of our shows as a large production company. Our Show prices for schools is heavily reduced to allow many schools to be able to afford the shows. I will definitely forward your suggestion to our accounts department. I would like to note that according to our records on your booking, the Tax Invoice was emailed quite a few times to your schools accounts person who informed us that they did not receive the email and this is why the Invoice was Faxed. However even after faxing the Invoice and the reminders, I see the account was not paid in full until the 4th reminder which included the admin fees. This is an unfortunate situation, however, we did try to remind your accounts team of the due date and balance multiple times and payment was not made or a request for a payment extension. I am sorry to hear that you experienced this, but I can see that we did try to help by adjusting a portion of the late fees.

    General Feedback

    Contacting Iconic Performances and being advised of what type of show we would require and booking it was excellent The show was brilliant and very informative. The students loved the interactive nature and were able to learn in a fun and engaging way. Unfortunately there was some confusion regarding payment. This was mainly centered on us needing a tax invoice but only receiving a booking invoice initially. There were a number of queries from SJA and Iconic Performances that lasted for a few weeks. In addition there was quite a number of admin fees added onto the initial price which totaled just over $200. Deposit was paid on time. We received the tax invoice for the remaining amount via fax. This was then paid. A suggestion would be to email the tax invoice instead of fax. The show you put together is a very professional and very well thought out production which captivated the audience and meant they learnt quite a-lot. I would recommend Iconic Performances to anyone, just need to ensure accounts department runs smoothly. Cheers, Tony Barnes

    Read More

  •   9 .  
          Posted on 28/03/2018 by Marlene Naidoo , Lighthouse Christian College , Keysborough , VIC , Australia

    General Feedback
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  •   10 .  
          Posted on 08/09/2017 by Margaret Pond , St Philip's Christian College Cessnock , NULKABA , NSW , Australia

    General Feedback
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  •   11 .  
          Posted on 06/02/2017 by Jaki Brear , ClubMulwala , Mulwala , NSW , Australia

    General Feedback
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  •   12 .  
          Posted on 07/09/2016 by Gabrielle Burke , St Monicas Primary school , Moonee Ponds , VIC , Australia

    General Feedback

    The children felt like they were "in the moment" when stories were told. They thoroughly enjoyed volunteering for the various acting parts. It was a fun, humorous performance and the costumes and props were superb. Thank-you for giving the grade 5's such a memorable show..

    Read More

  •   13 .  
          Posted on 27/07/2016 by Marion Wilson , Emmanuel College , Carrara , QLD , Australia

    General Feedback
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  •   14 .  
          Posted on 18/07/2016 by Deborah Kerlin , St Andrews Catholic College , REDLYNCH, Cairns , QLD , Australia

    General Feedback
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  •   15 .  
          Posted on 09/06/2016 by Shona Dubbeld , Malvern Central School , Malvern , VIC , Australia

    General Feedback
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