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Boombastic School Holiday Science Show
Australia Wide - during School Holidays

Product Description
Holiday Show School Holiday Fun, Childrens Performance Show Iconic Production Vacation Care
Our spectacular experiments, hands on activities and real science makes science fun for kids.  Amaze your children in some of the coolest Hollywood type activities.

Are you not sure what to do these school holidays?
Are you running out of ideas for the Vacation Care Program?
Are you looking for something different that will put a smile on every dial?

Then you have found the most exciting addition to
add to your holiday program?
This show is hands on. Children see the world around them in the most magical show available these school holidays and vacation care.r /> It's back in Australia due to the amazing feedback we received.
Spectacular Science Show
The Boombastic Science Show designed for school holiday fun and vacation care centres and hotels are designed to amaze and entertain audiences. The show is ideal for vacation care centres, hotel resorts, corporate events, community centres and libraries.

Originally setup as a huge Science Fair Event for people of all ages, The Boombastic Science show clearly became a hit with young children. After 3 years touring America, Canada, UK and now Ireland, The Boombastic Science Show will inspire, stimulate and excite audiences with the sheer brilliance of Science.

Due to the amazing feedback in Australia, we have decided to extend the tour for another year. Don't miss out as this show will re-kindle the fun of science and l in a Hollywood Like Production at the same cost* of a Happy Meal for Children.
The Boombastic Science Show will excite, impress and make everyone wish they could be on holidays for ever.
Designed specifically for children aged between 5-12 year olds, the science show has all the X-FACTORS to add that extra spark, to make each day better than the next and to encourage everyone to just have fun.

Based on a format that has been proven ENTERTAINING and HILIARIOUS around the world the Boombastic School Holiday and Vacation Care Science Show involves the children from start to finish. This age appropriate comedic performance, will have children asking for more of the Boombastic fun. Our show will encourage boys and girls to see that life is full of many sparks, and lots of fun.

The Boombastic School Holiday Science Show begins with an amazing fire dance, that everyone loves. Using the latest high-tech and scientific equipment, the children witness science in real-time as they become part of the investigation of Egg-Bert. It is like having Myth-Busters at your front door. Our mad professors will put everyone in awe, as huge numbers of audience participation allow them to explore the power of energy and wind and see how the two fit to make a Tornado.

The science show continues as children feel the freeze of snow - as they themselves create their own snow-storm right in front of their eyes. And this is only just a small part of what the children will experience in this School Holiday Spectacular.

As a finale, with the assistance of the audience, and using science as our tool, the children re-make Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and turn their place into a haunting experience.

The Boombastic Science Show runs for approximately 1 hour and it will be the best money spent these school holidays, that you, your vacation care center, holiday resort, club or holiday program and your children will have spent.

  So let us SPARK the FIRE in the children's
and adults eyes! 
  and witness

Science like never before, with the power and strenthg of air that will blow your mind away.  LITERALLY!  Be part of the FIRE BURNING flame - that doesn't burn.  Watch a FOAM FACTORY at work.  Discover Bernoulli's Principle and for the first time ever be in AWE with ICONIC PRODUCTIONS
Our Boombastic Science show make science fun for kids and all ages because they are:
Fun and interactive.
Performed by weird hilarious and wacky Scientists
that will have the audience laughing and wanting more.
Held in the comfort of a location of your choice.
Suitable for small or large groups.
Hassle - free to run.
Loved by children ... and adults alike

Meet some of our Mad Professors.

Our professors are a growing list of whacky, hilarous and crazy professionals who know what it takes to make science, fun, filled with excitement and entertaining. While our professors are always performing in our science shows, we cannot guarantee that those listed will be at your event, but we will try. You can request a specific Mad Professor at your event at an additional attendance fee.

Boombastic Science Show with Professor Humongous Boombastic Science Show with Professor RadioActive Boombastic Science Show with Professor Zoicks

Professor Humongous.
A crazy human that's why they call me the "Human Gus... Humongous" you get it?

Professor RadioActive.
A Mad Scientist who knows to "enjoy science, the crazy radioactive way".

Professor Zoicks.
The VOICE of SCIENCE, this Professor knows how to bring Science to the laughs of many of his audience. Everything we do is Science.

  For more information or to book the show  
  contact our event management staff on:  
  Or speak to one of our sales & event managers  
  Who is waiting to assist you online  
  Iconic Performances Pty Limited
Other Details
are calculated on a per ticket basis and are based on the group size. The larger the group size the cheaper the ticket price is.
:The show is available in
Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, including all areas/suburbs of NSW, ACT, Victoria, Queensland, and selected areas/towns of South Australia.
:Recommended for
5-12 year olds
:Suitable for
5-12 year olds
:Show Commences
at a time to suit your needs.
:Show Duration
approx 1 hour
:We provide
all equipment, props and costumes
:Students are
not required to dress up.
:Minimum Stage Area required
approx 2m wide by 1.5m deep
Not available
due to show structure, this show is not adaptable.
:Minimum Setup & Set Down Time required
2-3 Hours Setup and Set Down Time
:Can it be performed indoors or outdoors?
It can be performed indoors or outdoors, depending on weather.
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  •   6 .  
          Posted on 16/04/2019 by Debbie I , PCYC OSHC , Wellington Point , QLD , Australia

    Educational Value
    Educational Content was beneficial to learning outcomesNon Relevant
    The Show and Event

    They involved the children heaps but chose one in particular a number of times

    The Audience

    It was really weird but in a good way

    Review the booking process and Iconic Performances.


    Read More

  •   7 .  
          Posted on 11/03/2019 by Amninder M , Sirius College , Shepparton , VIC , Australia

    General Feedback

    It was wonderful and related to the History Curriculum. Students and teachers enjoyed it!

    Read More

  •   8 .  
          Posted on 05/12/2018 by jennifer N , gosford public school , gosford , NSW , Australia

    General Feedback

    The show was great and the kids really enjoyed it. It meshed seamlessly with what we had been studying in class. Thank you very much.

    Read More

  •   9 .  
          Posted on 23/10/2018 by Sonja H , Central Coast Grammar School , Erina Heights , NSW , Australia

    General Feedback
    Read More

  •   10 .  
          Posted on 12/09/2018 by Michelle R , Matthew Pearce Public School , Baulkham Hills , NSW , Australia

    General Feedback
    Read More

  •   11 .  
          Posted on 14/06/2018 by Barnes Tony , St Joan of Arc , Brighton , VIC , Australia

    Management Reply to Review Hi Tony, As the event supervisor I am happy to hear that the show and the quality and professionalism of the show. We always try to maintain a high standard of our shows as a large production... Read More

    Management Reply to Review Hi Tony, As the event supervisor I am happy to hear that the show and the quality and professionalism of the show. We always try to maintain a high standard of our shows as a large production company. Our Show prices for schools is heavily reduced to allow many schools to be able to afford the shows. I will definitely forward your suggestion to our accounts department. I would like to note that according to our records on your booking, the Tax Invoice was emailed quite a few times to your schools accounts person who informed us that they did not receive the email and this is why the Invoice was Faxed. However even after faxing the Invoice and the reminders, I see the account was not paid in full until the 4th reminder which included the admin fees. This is an unfortunate situation, however, we did try to remind your accounts team of the due date and balance multiple times and payment was not made or a request for a payment extension. I am sorry to hear that you experienced this, but I can see that we did try to help by adjusting a portion of the late fees.

    General Feedback

    Contacting Iconic Performances and being advised of what type of show we would require and booking it was excellent The show was brilliant and very informative. The students loved the interactive nature and were able to learn in a fun and engaging way. Unfortunately there was some confusion regarding payment. This was mainly centered on us needing a tax invoice but only receiving a booking invoice initially. There were a number of queries from SJA and Iconic Performances that lasted for a few weeks. In addition there was quite a number of admin fees added onto the initial price which totaled just over $200. Deposit was paid on time. We received the tax invoice for the remaining amount via fax. This was then paid. A suggestion would be to email the tax invoice instead of fax. The show you put together is a very professional and very well thought out production which captivated the audience and meant they learnt quite a-lot. I would recommend Iconic Performances to anyone, just need to ensure accounts department runs smoothly. Cheers, Tony Barnes

    Read More

  •   12 .  
          Posted on 28/03/2018 by Marlene Naidoo , Lighthouse Christian College , Keysborough , VIC , Australia

    General Feedback
    Read More

  •   13 .  
          Posted on 08/09/2017 by Margaret Pond , St Philip's Christian College Cessnock , NULKABA , NSW , Australia

    General Feedback
    Read More

  •   14 .  
          Posted on 06/02/2017 by Jaki Brear , ClubMulwala , Mulwala , NSW , Australia

    General Feedback
    Read More

  •   15 .  
          Posted on 22/01/2017 by Tara Davison , 3Bridges Community , Narwee , NSW , Australia

    Educational Value

    The children had a fantastic time engaging in this experience. They were able to gain a sense of satisfaction and joy whilst learning. Thank you!

    The Show and Event
    Entertainment Value3 out of 5
    The Audience
    Review the booking process and Iconic Performances.
    Read More

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