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Valley of the Ancient Worlds - A students consolidating Emergence of a History far gone
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Product Description

 Investigating our Ancient Past is a terrific dramatic and moving interactive educational teaching resource for schools and students learning about ANCIENT WORLDs. 

Most teenagers love the excitement of Ancient History or the love of being the next Indiana Jones as an archaeologist trying to find the hidden allures and treasures of our Ancient Worlds by investigating the ancient past.  One only needs to think of Ancient Egypt and the image of temples to the Gods, Pyramids, mummies and hieroglyphs immediately come to mind.

Set in a time of land far gone this interactive educational student resource takes the students the time when modern humans left the vast continent of Africa and spread throughout the world.  Tribes set out to grow crops and domesticate animals and town and cities emerged.  Young female students have always been fascinated by the life of the famed queen of the Nile and the torturous triangle between Julius Caesar and Cleopatra.  Providing evidence of the emergence and establishment of ancient societies, their writings and cryptic puzzles to solve, the students achieve an in-depth portrayal of the workings of an ancient society, the development and why their legacies stand today.

Performed in a seriously funny format that will have the student's laughing and involving the students from start to finish the show is a gem for understanding of defining characteristics of ancient societies.  The madcap group of performers will have the students learn the educational features of our ANCIENT worlds in a crazy antic of plots that contain a sacred and cursed medallion, buried treasure and the curse of the past.  The spectacular special effects, designed specifically for schools with arguably be the most wholesome, encompassing experience the students will ever have experienced in a school format.  In a rip-roaring adventure students will be able to ...

  1. describe the nature of history and archaeology
  2. identify the meaning of historical context
  3. have enough real evidence based on the scenes they are involved in to support historical stories and explanations
  4. freely talk about the main features of our ANCIENT WORLDs.
  5. describe the role of historians
  6. identify ancient sites that have disappeared
  7. recognise personal connections to history
  8. have a greater understanding of our ANCIENT PAST
  9. And so much more

And this is just a small list of the outcomes our educational teacher resource for schools and students will help develop, encourage, stimulate and/or enhance.

Our ANCIENT WORLD is a very interesting time when many ANCIENT civilisations were under control of Roman Empire.  The educational resource and performance pivotal plot that looks at The ANCIENT PAST, The Mediterranean World and ASIA links directly to the Australian National Curriculum and the historical facts and concepts written and scribed by our ancient ancestors.  Our professional performers create an experience unlike other educational resources.  The greatest stories are told to develop a connection with the audience, memorable songs are, and audio create an atmosphere that is so eventful, student's will laugh and be full of tears.  The vibrant and vivid and realistic moments will take the students to a place no excursion or other provider can manage.

With key features of the medieval world, from feudalism, voyages of discovery and conflict the show's event is both funny, touching, charming and truly inspirational.  And we are confident that no other educational teacher resource for schools and students would give you that today.  We create the experience for your students to enjoy in the mythical and metaphorical tale of Valley of the Ancient Worlds - A students consolidating Emergence of a History far gone.

Our educational teacher resource, which is designed in the format of an actual production, event and show performance uses state of the art lights and audio to stimulate the senses of the students involving them in every possible way.

There is only one way to find out ... Book your ticket to the most exciting Interactive Educational Teacher Resource event and performance ever seen.

It is a perfect event to have at your school to encourage, stimulate or enhance what the students are learning and is one of the best educational resources in your country now.

The Valley of the Ancient Worlds - "A students consolidating Emergence of a History far gone" is available for the following school levels:

  • Year 6 to Year 8 (stage 4);

  • Ages: 11 to 18+ years old

  • The show is not suitable for children 7 years and under, due to the realistic effects and performance.

The Valley of the Ancient Worlds - "A students consolidating Emergence of a History far gone" is available in all areas and regions of Australia

  • If unsure, call our event management team to check availability.

Price Information:

  • The ANCIENT worlds educational teacher resource is priced on a per person/ticket charge, with discounts for bulk purchases.

Travel Charges:

  • There are no travel charges charged, regardless of the location.

Teacher/Customer Resources Available:

  • Are available at an additional price.  Teacher information notes are sent out approximately 14 days by email.

Staff Qualifications:

  • All performers are either trained and qualified teachers or have degrees/diplomas or certification in Performing Arts and have professional acting experience.

Other Details
:Suitable for:
Year 5 to Year 12; Ages: 7 to 18+ years old
:Not Suitable:
for children 7 years old or under the age of 7, due to the realistic effects and performance.
:Minimum Setup & Set Down Time required
3-6 Hours Setup & 2-5 Hours Set Down (the time to setup and set-down can be reduced at an additional cost)
:Show Duration:
2 hrs and 30 minutes (includes a 30 min archaeological cave shaft the audience will be required to crawl through).
:Minimum Stage Area required:
approx 7m wide by 7-8m deep.
:Area Suitability:
indoors only (cannot be performed outdoors in an open area).
:Educational Teacher Resources:
Not available.
cannot be adapted due to authenticity of content. Show start time may be changed with permission of Director.
:Minimum Setup & Set Down Time required
5-6 Hours Setup & 4-5 Hours Set Down (the setup and set-down time can be reduced at an additional cost)
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  •   1 .  
          Posted on 28/02/2020 by Nathan Weil , Redeemer Lutheran College , Rochedale , QLD , Australia

    General Feedback

    Great show and the students loved it! Very interactive and the staff were great to deal with.

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  •   2 .  
          Posted on 25/09/2019 by Stephanie McIntosh , Sydney catholic schools , Sefton , NSW , Australia

    General Feedback
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  •   3 .  
          Posted on 02/09/2019 by paul douglas , merrylands ps , Merrylands , NSW , Australia

    General Feedback
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  •   4 .  
          Posted on 11/03/2019 by Amninder M , Sirius College , Shepparton , VIC , Australia

    General Feedback

    It was wonderful and related to the History Curriculum. Students and teachers enjoyed it!

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  •   5 .  
          Posted on 05/12/2018 by jennifer N , gosford public school , gosford , NSW , Australia

    General Feedback

    The show was great and the kids really enjoyed it. It meshed seamlessly with what we had been studying in class. Thank you very much.

    Read More

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