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Remembrance Day Live! For Primary Schools and High Schools - A Story of November 11
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Remembrance Day Live - Interactive School Based Show. If you are studying the War and Effects tot he World and Australia - Australia's only school based Show on Remembrance Day
For an exciting and enriching cultural experience don't look past Remembrance Day this year.  Remembrance Day Live interactive school based show offers you and your students a base for you to begin a unit on harmony, peace, world history, war and discover the true meaning of what the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th  month - NOVEMBER 11 (REMEMBRANCE DAY) is all about. 

Culture is what binds perople to each other and to places and there is no better way in doing this then by allowing students to experience the heart of everything that means Peace and harmony.  Allowing yoru students to be part of this experience and sharing the moment World War 1 reached a peaceful end is so important because it builds respect and understanding, helps your students really see the importance of find a better solution and allows them to really see the multitude of stories embedded in Australia History, and culture while building a stong connection amongst them and our country, Australia.

REMEMBRANCE DAY LIVE is a school based show performed in the comfort of your school is an INTERACTIVE SHOW AND PERFORMANCE written for students and schools designed to meet the outcomes of Australia History and War based curriculums.

As one teacher said from LARA SECONDARY COLLEGE ...
" In my opinion it is extremely important for young people in schools to learn about our country's history and to experience the culture of Australian's at home and at war abroad first hand.  The show offers an opportunity to reflect on where we have come from, where we are right now and where we are headed as a country and as a united world.  Through learning about our Australian involvement in World War 1, the history and culture of war, we can hopefully be able to move forward with an honest perspective about war and about Australia.  It is also my opinion that given the nature of our history and devastating effect of the destruction it has, young people feel far removed from our country's history in World War 1 or even about Remembrance Day.  That being said, I believe that all students should be given the opportunity to learn about this specialised subject and about the oldest war we were involved in together first hand and gain the appreciation for and understanding of the challenges that faced our nation, the world and our soldiers.  This is our Australian History and it is important that students are taught and experience what history is about, their history.  I so highly recommend such a show and thank you for letting us be part of the dress rehearsals.

- an interactive show for every student to be part of."


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While the school performance is based on the the HSIE Stage 3 (year 5-6) unit of "Australia's Experience at war", "Change and Continuity", the Year 7-10 Board of Studies History Syllabus Unit "Gallipoli and the ANZAC Tradition", and the National Curriculum of Australia History, it is suitable for Primary School Students as well who can experience the same interactive show and the importance of commemorating such an important day in our calendar.

Every school across Australia's commerates a minute of silence on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th Month.  REMEMBRANCE DAY LIVE for schools offers the community and students the opportunity to remember those and learn about the history of World War 1 and what it means to find a solution. REMEMBRANCE DAY LIVE is a wonderful addition to your school's commeration ceremony as it depicts the history of Australia's involvement in World War 1 and the spirit to find peace.

As the show in highly interactive and engaging, immersing the students in the history of Australia's past it involves students on a hands on level to ensure they learn the most from this incredible live interactive show for schools and students.

It is performed with the greatest respect to the memory of the soldiers and is a moving presentation that treats the subject of Australia History, Australia's involvement in World War 1 and the need to find peach and harmony with honour.

There is no better way to REMEMBER - REMEMBRANCE DAY, the fallen and commerate what they have done, then by experiencing this live, interactive and beautiful event that will bring a tear to your eye.

There is only one way to find out ... Book your ticket to the most exciting Australian Historical Renactment ever seen.

REMEMBRANCE DAY LIVE interactive school based show is a 90 minute show right in the safety of your school grounds.
It is a perfect event to have at your school to encourage, stimulate or enhance what the students are learning and is one of the best educational resources in Australia.


The school based show was written by qualified and experienced school teachers and consulted with war veterans and is well scripted to enhance the learning outcomes taught in the school classroom. 

LEARNING OUTCOMES IT MEETS.  Students will learn to:

  1. Explains the significance of particular people, places, groups, actions and events in the past in developing Australian identities and heritage.

  2. Identifies nationally significant events and people related to the wars in Australia’s history

  3. Outlines the facts about these wars

  4. Describes the origins of Anzac Day and Remembrance Day

  5. Understand the origins of the battle in World War 1.

  6. Identify where Gallipoli and the wars were located.

  7. Identify who was involved in the battle, from the decision makers to the soldiers on the ground.

  8. Understand how the First World War began and why Australia became involved.

  9. Examine reasons for the peace from different points of view.

  10. Understand why people were chosen for the roles they would play in the battle.

  11. Appreciate and understand reasons why men from Britain, (Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England) France, Newfoundland, New Zealand, Australia, India and Turkey enlisted and were involved in the battle.

  12. Appreciate the experiences of the soldiers who fought in World War 1.

  13. Appreciate and analyse the reaction by the soldiers.

  14. Identify procedures for supplying equipment and provisions.

  15. Understand and appreciate different points of view about the plan to capture the forts.

  16. Recognise the contribution of our Soldiers the ‘ANZAC legend’.

  17. And many many more.

REMEMBRANCE DAY LIVE school based show is available for the following school levels:

  • Year 2 to Year 12;

  • Ages: 8 to 18+ years old

  • The show is not suitable for children under the age of 7, due to the realistic effects and performance.

REMEMBRANCE DAY LIVE school based show is available in all areas and regions of NSW, Queensland (QLD, Victoria (VIC), Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and South Australia (SA)

  • If unsure, call our event management team to check availability.

Price Information:

  • The show is priced on a per person/ticket charge, with discounts for bulk purchases.

Travel Charges:

  • There are no travel charges charged, regardless of the location.

Teacher/Customer Resources Available:

  • Not available

Staff Qualifications:

  • All performers are either trained and qualified teachers or have degrees/diplomas or certification in Performing Arts.

*  The price is based on the group size.  To cover show costs, the larger the group the more inexpensive the ticket price is.  Where a school has combined with another school/organisation to increase the group size, each persons/school/organisation attending a Host School Booking must contact Iconic Performances to purchase their ticket and mention the host school they will be attending to see the performance.

Other Details
:Suitable for
ear 3 to Year 12; Ages: 8 to 18+ years old
:Not Suitable
for children 7 years old or under 7, due to the realistic effects and performance.
:Show Duration
approx 1 hour 30 minutes.
:Minimum Stage Area required
approx 6m wide by 6-8m deep
:Area Suitability
indoors only (cannot be performed outdoors).
cannot be adapted due to authenticity of content. Show start time may be changed with permission of Director.
:Minimum Setup & Set Down Time required
5 Hours Setup & 4-5 Hours Set Down
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  •   6 .  
          Posted on 23/10/2018 by Sonja H , Central Coast Grammar School , Erina Heights , NSW , Australia

    General Feedback
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  •   7 .  
          Posted on 12/09/2018 by Michelle R , Matthew Pearce Public School , Baulkham Hills , NSW , Australia

    General Feedback
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  •   8 .  
          Posted on 14/06/2018 by Barnes Tony , St Joan of Arc , Brighton , VIC , Australia

    Management Reply to Review Hi Tony, As the event supervisor I am happy to hear that the show and the quality and professionalism of the show. We always try to maintain a high standard of our shows as a large production... Read More

    Management Reply to Review Hi Tony, As the event supervisor I am happy to hear that the show and the quality and professionalism of the show. We always try to maintain a high standard of our shows as a large production company. Our Show prices for schools is heavily reduced to allow many schools to be able to afford the shows. I will definitely forward your suggestion to our accounts department. I would like to note that according to our records on your booking, the Tax Invoice was emailed quite a few times to your schools accounts person who informed us that they did not receive the email and this is why the Invoice was Faxed. However even after faxing the Invoice and the reminders, I see the account was not paid in full until the 4th reminder which included the admin fees. This is an unfortunate situation, however, we did try to remind your accounts team of the due date and balance multiple times and payment was not made or a request for a payment extension. I am sorry to hear that you experienced this, but I can see that we did try to help by adjusting a portion of the late fees.

    General Feedback

    Contacting Iconic Performances and being advised of what type of show we would require and booking it was excellent The show was brilliant and very informative. The students loved the interactive nature and were able to learn in a fun and engaging way. Unfortunately there was some confusion regarding payment. This was mainly centered on us needing a tax invoice but only receiving a booking invoice initially. There were a number of queries from SJA and Iconic Performances that lasted for a few weeks. In addition there was quite a number of admin fees added onto the initial price which totaled just over $200. Deposit was paid on time. We received the tax invoice for the remaining amount via fax. This was then paid. A suggestion would be to email the tax invoice instead of fax. The show you put together is a very professional and very well thought out production which captivated the audience and meant they learnt quite a-lot. I would recommend Iconic Performances to anyone, just need to ensure accounts department runs smoothly. Cheers, Tony Barnes

    Read More

  •   9 .  
          Posted on 28/03/2018 by Marlene Naidoo , Lighthouse Christian College , Keysborough , VIC , Australia

    General Feedback
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  •   10 .  
          Posted on 08/09/2017 by Margaret Pond , St Philip's Christian College Cessnock , NULKABA , NSW , Australia

    General Feedback
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  •   11 .  
          Posted on 06/02/2017 by Jaki Brear , ClubMulwala , Mulwala , NSW , Australia

    General Feedback
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  •   12 .  
          Posted on 07/09/2016 by Gabrielle Burke , St Monicas Primary school , Moonee Ponds , VIC , Australia

    General Feedback

    The children felt like they were "in the moment" when stories were told. They thoroughly enjoyed volunteering for the various acting parts. It was a fun, humorous performance and the costumes and props were superb. Thank-you for giving the grade 5's such a memorable show..

    Read More

  •   13 .  
          Posted on 27/07/2016 by Marion Wilson , Emmanuel College , Carrara , QLD , Australia

    General Feedback
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  •   14 .  
          Posted on 18/07/2016 by Deborah Kerlin , St Andrews Catholic College , REDLYNCH, Cairns , QLD , Australia

    General Feedback
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  •   15 .  
          Posted on 09/06/2016 by Shona Dubbeld , Malvern Central School , Malvern , VIC , Australia

    General Feedback
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