Learn more about the amazing world of the Discovery of Gold In Australia, than any other School Incursion.Take your class to new heights with Australia's favourite and loved Gold Rush Expedition.

Set in the comfort of your school hall or classroom the Gold Rush School Incursion starts in front of a nicely put out camp fire, with our actors begin their trek to Ophir.

Involving a massive selection of students from the Audience, we take them through the hard yakka out in Outback of NSW. There the students encounter their peers who are also chosen from the audience to play out the roles of the Chinese miners. What a hilarious moment as the children are draped in Authentic 19th century Chinese gear and given a rocking cradle to rock the night away.

Curriculum linked, our unique specially scripted scenes provide the highest hands-on learning for your students. We are the only Production Company in Australia that creates, sets and provides Mining for Gold in the comfort of your school. Your students can really strike it rich in our real-mining scenes and events in Australia's Best School Incursion designed on the discovery of Gold right to the Eureka Stockade in Victoria.
Engaging, interactive, inspiring learning school incursion for students from Kindergarten to Year 7.

English, History, Visual Arts and tailored scenes where every student can succeed.
All things Gold. Make a day incursion, a night camp event at your school or external site.

In day or by lantern lit night, the Gold Rush School Incursion is the best Australian History Experience for students.
This show is the perfect way to star of the unit "Gold" or a clencher in summarizing what they have learnt in class. Ideal in helping students, encouraging them, stimulating their interest in Australian History and developing a taste of Australia and how it began.
There is only one way to find out if students will be Lucky and that is to book THE GOLD RUSH school incursion and let your students experience the most productive and worthwile educational incursion in Australia right in the safety of your school grounds.

The question is "Are you or your students LUCKY" enough?
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