Time to Rush for GOLD.  Based on our successful full day Show called The Gold Show, we are now offering a shorter more interactive Live Show. Our customers have asked for a shorter, more eventful, less anecdotal show and we have come up with this EXCITING, rivetting and hilarious live event called the GOLD FIELDS LIVE.

THE GOLD FIELDS LIVE show starts in front of a nicely put out camp fire, with Ellen and Lucky talking about their trek to Ophir. Involving a massive selection of the audience, Lucky takes them through the hard yakka on in Outback NSW, known as Bathurst. There the audience encounter their peers who are also chosen from the audience to play out the roles of the Chinese miners. What a hilarious moment as the members of the audience are draped in Authentic 19th century Chinese gear and given a rocking cradle to rock the night away.

The GOLD FIELDS LIVE performance is a 2 hour show making it a great alternative for the public to be involved in the Discovery of GOLD in an enjoyable way and participate as the GOLD RUSH comes alive right in front of them. The show heavily relies on audience involvement.

The show continues with a brief encounter of the trial of Lucky, however if convicted, you will need to add the MINER'S FLOGGING to witness the hilarious and often highly spoke of Flogging of the Miner (which every child and adult loves to see) if found guilty.

This show is the perfect way to increase the level of entertainment and enjoyment for your patrons

There is only one way to find out if Lucky will be Lucky and that is to book THE GOLD FIELDS LIVE show and let your customers, community and patrons experience the most productive and worthwile live show in Australia right in the safety of your grounds.

The question is "Are you or your students LUCKY" enough?

Make the GOLD FIELDS LIVE show part of your next festival or event and explore the antics and humour of Australia's Discovery of Gold.  We can provide you with

  1. Hands on activities for the children and adults.

  2. Assist you event by tailoring parts of the show to promote or market aspects of your event.

  3. Engaging scenes or roving musicians from the GOLD era of Australia

  4. Highlights significant events that have shaped Australia’s identity, including the discovery of gold, colonial exploration & expansion.

  5. Authentic equipment, to act like a mini outdoor museum.

  6. Highly experienced and qualified performers that will definitely tickle every person's funny bone.

  7. 24 hour / 7 day a week event management team to answer all your enquiries.

  8. And so much more.

The Gold FIELDS LIVE is available in most areas of Australia, including but not limited to:

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