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Iconic Performances is Sydney's only Theatrical leading escorted holiday tour operator offering Escorted Motor Coach Tours of Sydney and its Past, in interactive Sightseeing and family friendly adventures across some of Australia's most valued and beloved Sydney Locations. Our guided tours allow you to not only sightsee through the amazing sites of Sydney and its surrounding suburbs, but immerse you into Australia's amazing history of its Colonisation with Theatrical performers at almost every location. You will experience Sydney sightseeing at it best and be entertained and informed as you do. Our guided tours are packed with quality inclusions and the most unique and unexpected experience. We offer you more in every way which lets you experience everything each destination has to offer in a "no comprise way". Our staff are fully trained professionals and performers and our Tour Guide and Driver are just the best of the Best in Irish Folklore and British Humour. All tours are provided in Luxury Air-conditioned buses/coaches. Read More >>>
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The Colonial Voyage is an amazing Experience and Expedition Day Tour as our trusted Performers take you back in time with real live adventures of Australia's Past and real live performances that make your sightseeing trip of Sydney a truly memorable one.  Not only will you get to see some of Australia's most loved and popular tourist sites and attractions, you get to do it while being entertained. 

Be part of a voyage of discovery where you will travel through the annals of time to the days of the nation‘s fledgling beginnings as a penal colony in our colonial past. You will visit the dawn of European settlement at the Iconic Botany Bay where Lieutenant Cook visited in 1770 and the First Fleet under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip arrived on the 20th January 1778.  Witness actors as they recreate the disappointment of the Bay being not suitable for settlement and the use of Cook’s map for further exploration. Iconic Performances has some unique and rare location sights that no other Travel Tour offers. This is because of our attention to detail and love for Australia’s Historical Existence and Landmarks. Apart from all the normal famous locations, your patrons will also be taken to the magnificent and exclusive locations.

Travel in comfort, sit back relax and let us take you on an Adventure as we go back in time and venture into the historic areas of Circular Quay and the Rocks as your Colonial as your Town Crier tells you about the history and significance of the areas. View the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge from Bennalong Point, the closest and best place to see the Opera House.  Travel through the Streets of Sydney and discover in true realism Governor Phillips Plan of Sydney.  It will shock and amaze you.  Follow the journey of Captain Arthur Phillip and Captain James Cook towards the famous landing point of Botany Bay.  Once at Botany Bay, hold on to your hats, and seats as we bring back to life Captain James Cook and his Marine Sergeant.  Be amused by the British Humour of the Sergeant and the stories from Captain James Cook.

We then take you on the voyage of "The Frenchman's Way" - showing you the amazing watery area the French explorer La Perouse almost settled into.  This is an almost perfect spot for some fantastic photo opportunities.

Get closer to the attractions of Sydney Landmarks as you hear the Reverend Johnston the first Chaplin to the Colony give his sermon of hellfire and brimstone on the spot of the first church service that took place. Then take a short walk to view a part of the original water source “the tank stream” and the story of it.

The fun doesn't stop there.  The Colonial Voyage continues through the Early Colonial Days of Sydney through St Phillips Church and the most important discovery of Sydney.

Following a scrumptious Colonial Luncheon in the Sydney’s Oldest Bar, built by Colonial Settlers in 1824, your patrons will continue their informed and entertaining tour through the outstanding sites. 

After a well deserved break, the Colonial Voyage brings you to the very first spot where the Union Flag, known then as the JACK ws flown for the first time in the Colony on the 4th of June, 1801.  Lieutant William Dawes, a Marine Officer will show you the ways of recording weather patterns as was done in the 19th century in Awe of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, as he walks you directly under the most famous Sydney Landmark - The Sydney Harbour Bridge.  Be prepared for the possibility of an exciting battle of Canon Balls between the French and Russian who would almost invade the Colony.  Listen to what happened and why Sydney is what it is today.

Commissioned by Governor Macquarie in 1812, you are transported by the 73rd Regiment on Parade to the Hyde Park Barracks and the famous Rum Hospital.  That is correct Sydney's oldest RUM HOSPITAL!  You will be surprised as to what this RUM HOSPITAL was used for and what it is now.  Laugh with funny antics of the Reverend as your journey comes to stop as you enjoy a delicious lunch near old Colonial Cottages and eat a Colonial Meal from Sydney's Oldest Licensed Tavern.  This is also a terrific moment to venture into the Old Historical shops and tourist places.

Be part of the Forgotten Neighbourhood and sit back and relax as you are taken into the final Colonial journey of the Black Velvet Band, with music, flair and a story to tell your friends back at home.

Stand on the spot where Sydney’s first goal stood and hear the convict’s story of the goal as you witness the flogging by the cat-o-nine. Add to the excitement a short distance down the road as you are placed in the spot where the first man and woman hangings took place in the early colony. Hear their ghosts as the convicts recall their story. The tour ends as the patrons delight to the cheers, excitement and side-splitting laughter of the Convict Wedding. After an incredible day of informed treats, exciting rare and exclusive locations to take ample photos of and the realness of live historical performing actors to bring the History of Sydney alive, the patrons will rest easy in the comfort of the Air-conditioned coaches as we transport you back to their specific hotels.

There is so much to see, so much to do and all this is done in a true realistic experience that will bring Sydney and its history to LIFE right in front of your eyes.


Here are just some of the Tour Highlights:

  • Lunch at Sydney's Oldest Licensed Tavern
  • The Rocks & Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair
  • The Tank Stream and Botany Bay
  • The Rum Hospital and St Patrick's Church
  • Live - interactive exhibits
  • Realistic Experience with Real Life Performers that bring Sydney's Amazing Sites and History to LIFE.

The only way to see and be part of all the highlights is book your seat on one of our luxurious tours now.

Featured Shows
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Captivate your children, students and adults in Australian History. This show brings to life the real story of the Anzacs, in one of Australia's most interactive and educationally sound performance. The Anzac Story uses the latest special effects, audio and computer-aided technology to allow children, students and adults of all ages to experience life in the trenches. The Anzac Story is performed with the greatest respect to the memory of the soldiers and is a moving presentation that treats the subject of the ANZAC, and Australia's history with true honor. This is a great way to commemorate ANZAC Day. Lest we Forget!

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The first 5D Live Interactive Cinematic Theatre Show. Follow the Sound of Innocence through the ages of time, as he witnesses the destruction of man and the world as our living heart beat continues, but the rhythm of life fades into the darkness. This is a cosmic explosion of power packed beats and rhythm patterns told through the universal power and the language of the Drum. An interactive and entertaining live show that takes you tot he unique locations of our past, present and future using State of the art cameras, scrims and lighting technology for the optimized immersive experience.

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Colonial Show & Colonial Experience

A full day or 2 hour interactive dramatic educational show for schools that brings to life the British Colonisation of Australia right in front of the student's eyes. Using authentic props and costumes, the Colonial Show not only entertains, it educates the children as it involves a huge amount of student involvement and participation as the children role-play characters of Australia's past.

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The Gold Rush Show

The discovery of Gold in Australia, changed the way people thought about this great continent. Creating an atmosphere similiar to that at Ophir in 1851, the Educational GOLD Show sparks the imagination of children as they witness first hand, the life, trials, tribulations and experiences that the Miners went through. Designed specifically to meet the educational outcomes taught in the classroom.

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