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The benefits of an educational incursion is priceless and the learning gained is endless and cannot fully be measured. Research has shown educational school show incursion, drastically increases students learning by providing them with the opportunity to interact with performers, props and reality in the convenience of a safe, familiar environment; engages and motivates students by taking them away from the routine of a classroom providing them with hands-on learning and action based activities at an affordable price that cannot often be done in a classroom; increases their social and language skills and also provides teachers with the opportunity to offer the students something new and exciting in the classroom. Read More >>>
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Iconic Performances Interactive Educational Shows are designed to meet and satisfy all the necessary curriculum outcomes.  Written and created by qualified and experienced primary and high-school teachers and script-writers, Educational School Show - Gold Showthe shows content supports the educational indicators and syllabus requirements for all schools and teachers in every state of Australia.  Each show is specifically formulated to include a large group of student involvement and participation.  To add to the realness of our Interactive Educational Primary School Shows, authentic props, costumes and equipment is used to make it a real experience. Our interactive educational shows bring to life, right in front of their eyes the lessons learnt in the classroom.

The majority of our shows are developed and focused on Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE) Curriculums (example: British Colonisation of Australia, Educational School Show Colonial ShowGOLD, ANZAC's), the updated National Curriculum of Australia's History, Science and Technology Curriculums, and also supports specific outcomes relating to other Key Learning Areas.  For instance, Creative Arts (music, drama and dance), Mathematics, and English (reading and writing).   All our primary school educational interactive shows can be incorporated in the Connected Outcome Groups Support (COGS) programs as well.

Based on the huge student participation and involvement, the most accurate and up-to-date educational content, the age appropriateness of our shows and the interactive entertaining aspect of all our productions for schools, Iconic Performances are proud to have won the Frater Award for Excellence from the NSW Department of Education, 3 years in a row.

A selection of shows are available

A selection of shows are available, based on your needs and requirements.  You can select from our FULL-DAY shows which offer more educational content, more realism and more student participation.  As a cheaper alternative we also have smaller scaled down versions that are approximately 1-1 and 1/2 hour.  While most of our shows are designed to suit most venues and requirements, we are also able to tailor each show to your requirements.

For a full selection of our Educational Shows and Performances for Schools ... click here >>

We also offer shows and events to every public and private school across Australia.  Whether you are a parent, teacher, librarian, school administrator, Department of Education Training Officer or other interested member of the community, we have a show that is just right for you. Whetther you are organizing the School Spring Fair, a School Fete, P&C Night or Event, we have and can tailor make a show that is perfect for your event.  For a full list of shows available, call our friendly staff and they would be more than happy to help you with your enquiry.  All our shows are aimed and directed to educate while entertaining.

Iconic Performances Pty Limited, is expanding.  With an increase and demand of our School Performances Iconic Performances are now offering more troupes and more shows across NSW.  To add to our expansion, we are now offering our Full Day School Performances to schools through Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania.  We are so excited to increase children's understanding of Australia's history we have opened our doors to more and more schools across the East Coast of Australia.  Currently Iconic Performances is taking enquiries and interests from schools in South Australia.

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