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Iconic Performances is now PROUD to offer our services AS A ONE STOP RESOURCE AND PRODUCTION BOOKING AGENT to not only teachers, primary schools and high schools, but also to companies, performers, entertainers, activity providers and individuals who provide educational experiences, shows, performances, incursions or excursions of an educational nature and are aimed at students in kindergartens, preschools, primary schools and high schools.

Today’s schools are like small businesses – always searching for the ‘edge’ that will single them out as being that better school. So what they offer their students in terms of extracurricular activities – excursions/incursions, school activities, shows and performances – needs to reflect their school’s unique ethos. All schools, whether they are government, catholic or independent spend millions of dollars each year on educational experiences for their students that are new, different, educational, entertaining, interactive and unique.

Do you want to be one of the providers they may consider? If your business plan is aimed at this increasing and successfully profitable market, look no further than Iconic Performances Booking Agency.

THEN DON'T DELAY IT ANY LONGER. SUBSCRIBE TO Iconic Performances Booking Agency NOW.

We recently surveyed our clientele base of over 3,000 teachers and were told that they wanted a one-stop resource where they could plan their school’s trips with ease. They told us they wanted new ideas and new experiences for their students but didn’t have the time or resources to find them. We listened and we are now offering you the opportunity to increase your bookings and revenue with our easy and sophisticated online registration and booking system.

By subscribing to Iconic Performances Pty Limited and allowing us to be your booking agent, we will provide you with:

  • A no-cost FREE REGISTRATION service.
  • A premium listing at no additional cost which will set you apart from your competitors.
  • An unlimited number of categories of your choice as we want you to grow and be successful.
  • A page dedicated to your product which can include, a description of your product or services, graphics, logo, a google map and an ABOUT US section of your company.  You can use our graphic design department to help with your graphics and logo at an additional cost if you prefer.
  • The space to advertise your product effectively – offering you enough space to list up to 10 images, a video or you-tube link, special conditions, location availability and a body field of text that will interest your target audience.
  • Hundreds and thousands of educators that visit the site each day searching for educational products.
  • An easy-to-use online booking system that will bring teachers closer to your product than ever before.
  • An event manager who will do all the work for you. You tell us what you want to say, how you want to say it and we will upload all your information based on whatever you can provide us with.
  • Your own secured online booking event calendar to ensure you never forget a booking.  Our online booking event calendar will show all the required details of the show and allow you to view all your bookings in one easy to use calendar specifically set up for you and your products.
  • Control of your information. You can easily edit and update your listings and know that the listing will be updated immediately by our event management team.
  • An equal advertising platform for all providers, meaning that everyone has a slice of the market – regardless of the size of your advertising budget.
  • Free advertising for any upcoming teacher personal developments.
  • Free Google Adword Campaigns.  That is right we have our own SEO operators who will ensure that your product is structured and successful through google at no cost to you.
  • Natural high rankings on Google not because we paid to be there, but because of the popularity with our customers, target audience and teachers.
  • Regular feedback, posted on your unique product page, ensuring others teachers and customers can read about the interest of your product and you can accurately assess the success of the marketing campaign, via our data tracking technology.
So why subscribe and become a member with Iconic Performances?

Iconic Performances Pty Limited is the only comprehensively known booking agency for educational shows in Australia with a #1 Google Page Rank for educational shows, incursions, excursions, activities and performances.

  • Our definitive website features easy-to-use search options and is user-friendly.
  • A superior quality and easy-to-navigate website for teachers to research educational options and also for providers to advertise and update their product information.
  • A professional event management team that can quickly arrange and setup your product and advertising in a format teachers can actually use which is guaranteed to increase your bookings.
  • A team of staff who are always passionate, responsive and helpful.
  • Our online categorical directory allows users to “turn the page” while browsing Improved search engine optimisation – directing more traffic your product page.
  •  We offer an easy-to-use index divided by educational programs and activities excursions/incursions and state by state.
What are teachers saying about our ability to provide?
  • What an amazing resourceful team at Iconic Performances. The event team is fast, simple, and provides a wealth of resources. Our team always heads straight to Iconic when planning for an excursion and incursions or searching for a new resource. They seem to know all the good ones." Torquay Primary School
  • "Iconic Performances not only provides amazing performances but they are the best for finding the information you are looking for quickly and easily, and along the way you discover so many more great ideas!" St Charbel’s College.
  • "I find Iconic Performances website a useful resource because it provides a one stop site to find an excellent range of resources and excursions for busy teachers, like me. Thank you." Santa Sabina College
  • "Wow guys - what a great resource, it is great to know that an interesting activity is only a click away. No more phone books or dead end internet searches, my organisation time has been cut in half thanks to Iconic Performances." Wheeler Heights Public School
  • The event team have pooled together a great collection of activity providers, and educational performers to make planning an excursion so easy! The team are always passionate, responsive and helpful. I love speaking with the event management team, but I only wish that they can provide us with a directory listing as well”. Kinross Wolaroi School
  • "We’ve always found it hard finding the right company for our school activities. The team at Iconic Performances are right there on the same page with so many ideas for teachers to be able to make easy comparisons. We’ve been with Iconic Performances from the start and have noticed a steady increase in the number of educational performers they know and recommend. I recommend them to all my peers and we have never been disappointed with the shows they recommend.” St Patrick’s College, Strathfield
How much does the membership/subscription cost?

Registration and Membership is Free!  We offer free registration and membership.  A small setup fee is charged and required to be paid for upon acceptance of the agreement before our professional event management team commence working on the product.

How does it work if I subscribe & list my educational show/product?

It is relatively simple.  We work for you and want to help you grow your business.

  1. Complete the online registration by clicking on the registering now.
  2. Our event team will confirm the registration and begin setting up your product page on our website.
  3. We will manage, maintain and promote your product from the moment it is uploaded.
  4. Once a booking is made either online or by phone to our event management team, our event managers will contact you by email and forward you all the required booking details as well as include all the necessary details of the event booking in your own secured booking event calendar.
  5. PROVIDERS will be required to sign a contract of production management which will state all related management costs in producing/booking and management of the of a product or booking by a customer.  By completing the booking agency registration form the PROVIDER accepts the terms and conditions of production management costs.  PROVIDERS are able to select from one of three Booking Agency Management Options.  Our Booking Management option; Our Event Management options; and our Production Management option.  The related charges and fees are dependant on your selection and can be as low as 5% to the maximum of 35% of our fees charged.  The fee is charged based on the total cost of the event or product booked/purchased by the customer.
  6. Customers will be required to forward all payments to Iconic Performances Accounts Department.  Payments for event bookings, or purchases are to be made directly to the MANAGING COMPANY of Iconic Performances and Iconic Productions.  As your management and booking agent we will provide you with a tax invoice displaying the income and associated management charges of each event booking, including GST.
  7. Our event team will continue to support you and your customer regarding changes to dates and the management of the booking right up to the date of the actual event. You are never left alone. All refunds and cancellations will be between you and the customer.
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The Benefits you get:
  1. A no-cost FREE REGISTRATION service.
  2. Be part of the only comprehensively known booking agency for educational shows in Australia with a #1 Google Page Rank for educational shows, incursions, excursions, activities and performances.
  3. Premium listing at no additional cost.
  4. Unlimited number of categories of your choice.
  5. A dedicated page to your product.
  6. Hundreds and thousands of educators that visit the site each day searching for educational products.
  7. Easy-to-use online booking system.
  8. Your own secured online booking event calendar to ensure you never forget a booking.
  9. Control of your information.
  10. An equal advertising platform.
  11. Free advertising for any upcoming teacher personal developments.
  12. Free Google Adword Campaigns.
  13. Easy-to-use search options and is user-friendly.
  14. A superior quality and easy-to-navigate website.
  15. A professional event management team who are always passionate, responsive and helpful.
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