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Using the latest technology and manipulating the essence of reality with fiction, the commitment to change the experience of film and theatre will influence a massive media change in the entertainment industry.
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About Iconic Performances Pty Limited

Iconic Performances Pty Limited, also trading as Iconic Productions, was founded by the Worlds Playground, a birthday party and babysitting business in 1992.  With expotential growth of its entertainment services and sale of KidsSport, Iconic Performances became a well know name in the live entertainment industry.  With comedy shows, live entertainment, child-based parties and events Iconic Performances reached audiences across the globe from 5 years of age to 70 +.  One of the companies great success was the slogan of No Matter What - Keep On Smiling

This slogan was the essence of any party, any show, performance or event and lead to Iconic Performances first ever "Drive Me Crazy", live interactive show.  Sticking with the theme to inspire, stimulate and Keep On Smiling, the company began producing their own live shows of all genres, from Comedy, to Drama, Horror and Audience Interactive performances.  Before long, Iconic Performances was managing and producing other peoples work and shows. 

The additional services as a Production Company across the vast continents of North America, United Kingdom was soon enhanced when the doors of their new office opened in Sydney Australia.  Offering the same incredible events, shows and performances, Iconic Performances was the name on every persons tongue for the highest quality live theater based shows for the corporate business community, councils, festivals, fetes, functions, tourism and the list goes on.  The word began to spread and with primary (elementary) schools, high schools and educational colleges and universities seeking more quality programs for their classroom and school curricular activities Iconic Performances welcomed the challenge and began producing a variety of school-based, school-aged appropriate events and performances based on History, Science, Math, Drama and Music.  Over 12 school based shows were put on tour across Australia, the UK and the USA and with another successful event management, Iconic Performances was offering almost 10s of thousands of schools the chance to bring the classroom alive; the chance encourage and enrich the lives of school aged students with the most comedic, hilarious and educationally sound events that won a number of Educational Awards and Accolades.  

Since concept Iconic Performances' events have been performed in over 35 states in North America, 2/5 of the United Kingdom and across every state of Australia and seen by over 20,000 people per year ranging from 7 to 40 years old. 

Seeing the potential that the shows had, Steve Baltzois, an experienced actor, film producer, screen writer, child entertainer and qualified teacher, joined forces and purchased Vince Wren's Colonial and Gold Show and with a short time the company performed more shows than it's predecessor and was able to target an area of more than 500 kilometres. This meant, more students, more schools and more teachers were able to utilise Iconic Performances amazing educational resource to promote, stimulate and encourage healthy learning of Australia's history.

With many years of experience in drama, education, film and the entertainment industries, Iconic Performances surpasses most of its competitors in areas of professionalism, age appropriateness, valid and reliable educational content and entertainment.  One only needs to read the testimonials of many of our clients to see the amazing performances that the company provides.

Iconic Productions soon was born, because of the need of high quality services in Film, Theater and Cinematic Productions and with the commitment to detail and dedication to provide the most ICONIC production ever to experience Iconic Performances and Iconic Productions has become the leaders in all events, shows, performances, film and productions.

The demand of the shows have grown so rapidly that at the moment Iconic Performances offers over 68 produced and managed educational school performances across the globe, 4 science based school performances, theatre restaurants events, live comedy shows, special events, film and theater production, staging, audio and sound engineering, 4 Feature Films and are currently in planning and development for 4 more Movie Films, a Theatre Event and the Haunted Experience.

With the growing success of the live shows, DrumStory™ has become the essential component to Iconic Performances rise to the top with the most interactive, live cinematic theatre show and entertainment this century. 

Having a growing team of experts, Iconic Performances is developing and working on the most compelling dramatic interactive live shows from the ground up.

Iconic Performances is ICONIC in every sense of the word and our performances, events and shows will no doubt leave everyone laughing, entertained and will be memorable. It will be ICONIC, WE STAND BY IT!

Media Representation

Our shows have appeared on many prime television shows and newspapers.

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The Colonial Show

A full day interactive dramatic educational show for schools that brings to life the British Colonisation of Australia right in front of the student's eyes. Using authentic props and costumes, the Colonial Show not only entertains, it educates the children as it involves a huge amount of student involvement and participation as the children role-play characters of Australia's past.

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The first 5D Live Interactive Cinematic Theatre Show. Follow the Sound of Innocence through the ages of time, as he witnesses the destruction of man and the world as our living heart beat continues, but the rhythm of life fades into the darkness. This is a cosmic explosion of power packed beats and rhythm patterns told through the universal power and the language of the Drum. An interactive and entertaining live show that takes you tot he unique locations of our past, present and future using State of the art cameras, scrims and lighting technology for the optimized immersive experience.

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Anzac Story

Captivate your students in Australian History. This show brings to life the real story of the Anzacs, in one of Australia's most interactive and educationally sound performance. The Anzac Story uses the latest special effects, audio and computer-aided technology to allow children, students and adults of all ages to experience life in the trenches. The Anzac Story is performed with the greatest respect to the memory of the soldiers and is a moving presentation that treats the subject of the ANZAC, and Australia's history with true honor. This is a great way to commemorate ANZAC Day. Lest we Forget!

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Gold Show

The discovery of Gold in Australia, changed the way people thought about this great continent. Creating an atmosphere similiar to that at Ophir in 1851, the Educational GOLD Show sparks the imagination of children as they witness first hand, the life, trials, tribulations and experiences that the Miners went through. Designed specifically to meet the educational outcomes taught in the classroom.


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